Horizon & Beyond Magazine Spring 2017
Dear Readers,

I have to admit, digital and social media is opening up the world to us. Our Instagram page has close to 20,000 followers (at the date I am writing this) and I keep discovering day by day how many people love travel and exploring the world by any and all means.

Photographers give us the pleasure of seeing places through their lens; the fashion and lifestyle bloggers show us the style they love and stand for; and the great diversity and distinction unfold horizons for us.
We at Horizon & Beyond haven’t chosen the name by coincidence; to unfold your horizon seems to us the best way to go, and exploring what our world has to offer is our reason to exist.

This issue takes you on a journey through Florida from luxurious resorts to hip hotels, and lets you discover some new brands and trendy collections. As the summer is approaching, we give you an insight into two resorts in the south of Spain where diversity is the daily programme, and myriad attractions from beach life to golf, luxury shopping to culture and good food await you.

But we are still in the season for traveling to the Caribbean, so find out where the mysterious Secret Bay is and how to spend an eco-chic vacation.

Dubai is not only a hub when travelling the world but a place to explore too. And according to the latest tourism figures, Dubai pulls in 14.9 million visitors in 2016 and Dubai International Airport is still the world’s busiest airport, and with expectations of traffic at over 89 million in 2017, this surge of travelers in the region cements its appeal as a luxury shopping haven.

London may have recently been named as the world capital for luxury store openings in 2016, but when it comes to a place that is vying to be the ultimate destination for luxury shopping tourism, the Middle East is set to take the crown.

Despite competition from cities such as Paris, London and New York, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has established itself as luxury shopping paradise with more than 50 shopping mega malls, regular shopping festivals and leading designer goods, available tax-free.

Discover in this edition four hotels with different experiences. For the sophisticated experience seeker, frequent traveler or stylish socialite looking for a chic urban setting in Dubai, new horizons will appear.

Oh, and I almost forgot – this edition offers insights for the stylish gentleman too!

Have fun exploring,

Karine Lackner, Executive Editor

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