In my twenties living in Vienna, Austria I met quite a lot of famous people from all kinds of businesses and sectors. From show business the internationally recognized “ Rock me Amadeus “ Falco to principal ballet dancers at the Vienna State Opera, Formula 1 drivers like the late Niki Lauda and soccer players such as Franz Zach, who played as forward between 1977 and 1980, and 1981 to 1982 for Austria Wien, a club who has won the most national titles of any Austrian club.

Fast forward, today as the chairman of Sedona Wellness Ltd., Franz Zach is both a pioneer and international expert of the harvesting of energy and its application to wellness products and came to meet me in Doha, Qatar to introduce his wellness device to me.

Franz started manufacturing and distributing PEMF devices that generate frequencies and waveforms that utilize Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) in 1991 when his career as a professional soccer player ended.

“Sedona” stands for Magnetic Energy which is one of the most intensive forms in the area of Sedona, Arizona.  To that end, he and his company created a new generation of high-value frequency therapy products which offer a wide range of application possibilities.

The increasing public demand for alternative and complimentary health therapies provided him with enthusiasm to incorporate the latest discoveries in energy medicine and technical innovations into these products, and then make it available worldwide at an affordable price.

Even long before NASA, the Soviet space program provided their citizens with many medical breakthroughs that were used to keep the cosmonauts healthy in space. Franz and his engineers at Sedona Wellness Ltd. decided to expand upon this early Soviet research to create a scientific medical device that was not only capable of creating a high intensity magnetic field using a 7.83 Hertz  frequency (called the Schumann Frequency), but also had the versatility  to generate a wide range of frequencies and waveforms from a very low intensity of 0,35 Gauss up to a strong intensity of 100 Gauss.

Years of scientific study reveal that our internal organs, muscles, nervous and circulatory systems respond quite differently to the complexities and combinations of frequencies, wave-forms and intensities of magnetic field therapy. Franz became a specialist in this field over the last 30 years and I am grateful to have reconnected with an old friend introducing to me a quite spectacular and simple method to get healthier by helping your damaged cells to start living again.

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