Magnetic fields and permeability of metals

Magnetic fields and permeability of metals

In case of several metals and the system of coils that are designed in such a way to effectively block external magnetic fields; the relative permeability is very restricted. That means, the magnetic field will get cut off or avert the field very often, irrespective of whether it is static or pulsed when metals are placed in their path. This proves that implants or prostheses in human and animal body have a tendency to corner to change the course of the magnetic lines of force in a particular area. The magnetic fields get completely blocked by devices like Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices. These are most frequently used in specific research and medical applications.


Mechanisms of Interaction

The living beings are influenced by the magnetic fields through three established mechanisms.

Magnetic Induction

The following information is relevant to the various kinds of the magnetic fields and their subsequent relations.

  1. The Electrodynamics relations with electrolytes in motion are dependent on the Lorentz forces. The charge carriers in motion which are ionic have the potential to stimulate electric field in the tissues. This kind of dealing is the foundation for magnetically-induced flow of blood.
  2. Only time-varying fields have Faraday currents. According to most scientists, this interaction explains the mechanism of therapeutic process involving fluctuating magnetic fields.

Magneto mechanical effects

The following are relevant to stationary magnetic fields:

  1. Torque is experienced by diamagnetic and paramagnetic molecules. It has a tendency to arrange itself in a pattern that minimizes its free energy inside their field. A magneto mechanical action becomes less effective when the weak magnetic signals are used during the treatments.
  2. Static magnetic fields with high gradient display magneto mechanical action which in turn results in the movement of either ferromagnetic or paramagnetic particles. The magnetic fields with high gradients decline with increasing distance. It is believed by the scientists that the magnetic field gradient can play a significant role in the cellular levels within the body during the treatment process. As the magnetic fields travel through the tissue, the field strength experienced by different tissues varies & this can significantly result in charge development across them.


Electronic interactions

The actions of Free & non free radicals significantly influence certain reactions. The stationary magnetic fields highly influence the spin states at the electronic levels. This interaction causes short lifetimes, but it can still have enough influence to have a strong effect on biological activities. The cellular impairments get rectified by means of kinetic changes that occur in various reactions.

Current Density and Faraday’s Law

The laws of induction formulated by Faraday are a fundamental law of electromagnetism. The law explains how the electromotive force is produced by the interaction of magnetic fields and electric current. The phenomenon of induction of an electric field by varying magnetic fields is also explained by this law. The Maxwell Faraday equations explain the very same concept in much detail. The reasons as to why the electric currents and the charges produce magnetic and electric fields are explained by the Maxwell’s equations. It even sheds light on the fact about the generation of electric fields in the presence of magnetic fields and vice versa.

In case of time varying magnetic fields when compared to static fields, they have been used commonly in therapy because if the key mechanism of action is induction of small electrical currents or charges in the tissue, then time-varied fields are able to do this in a more effective manner when compared to static magnetic fields. PEMFs or pulsed electromagnetic fields are a better approach to induce currents in tissue for therapeutic purposes.

Electric fields that are used in therapies do not generally penetrate deeper in the human body since the electric field gets absorbed by the fluids present within the body. Also, electric fields that stimulate generation of heat in tissue may do more harm than good. Electric fields can help treat warts, cauterize bleeding, treat skin lesions, etc. For therapeutic purposes, PEMFs of low intensity are used to infiltrate the body easily and they are also not trapped in the tissues while passing through them. But, According to Maxwell’s equations, charge is induced into the tissues by PEMFs as they cross through them. The human body absorbs this induced charge and uses it for various healing activities.


Polarity plays a significant role in the study of magnetic fields and hence is given importance. This concept comes into picture with the Earth itself acting as a huge magnet with its polar areas. The Earth has 2 kinds of poles: Geographic & Magnetic. Both the poles aren’t located close by. There is a lot of confusion about the magnetic poles. When a compass is freely suspended, it comes to rest in north south direction. This implies that the north pole of the earth is actually the magnetic South Pole when considered geographically. The north side of the compass needle points towards the South Pole of the magnet & this leads to a lot of confusion. To get eliminate the confusion, the terms positive and negative are often used by the scientist instead of north & south. The positive pole is the North Pole.

Magnetic fields do not possess any charge like the electricity. It is for this reason that the terms negative and positive aren’t the same thing when compared to electric fields. The law of Magnetism proposed by Gauss stated that there are no magnetic charges which can be analogous to the electric charges. Instead, the magnetic field is generated by the dipole. Currents represent the magnetic dipoles bear similarity to the magnetic charges. They are bound tightly and do not possess any net magnetic charge. The law also states that the lines do not initiate or terminate at or from a particular point. Instead, they form loops. This implies that the magnetic lines entering a specific volume have to exit the same value. Through any Gaussian surface, the total magnetic flux remains zero.

The theories of physics state that the poles of magnet do not have any specific actions and neither one pole is in any form stronger than the other. The energizing and the relaxing of the pole do not occur. No scientific explanations exist proving that the poles have unique roles to play. Polarity is purely subjected to the static magnets. Even with the limited amount of literature the entire concept is still questioned by many. The magnetic fields of the magnet bend over the other side and reverse the polarity. This implies that the magnet placed in the body has the potential to cause bipolar exposure.

According to the Gauss’s law, once the magnetic line of force initiates, it tends to infinity and loops in without any further motion. In all cases, the human beings are constantly being exposed to the polarities. Polarity is not significant for most of the researches conducted using time varied magnetic fields. PEMFs can either be positive or negative, though there have been no systematic differences discovered in one polarity when compared to another.

Interaction of Magnetic Fields

We all know that the interaction of magnetic fields takes place. This can be witnessed if an attempt is made to keep 2 bar magnets together. They would either attract or repel each other. The use of alternating pole arrangements in case of static magnetic systems, the strength of the field is significantly reduced as well as the extent of penetration of the field below the surface of the skin is reduced. This is because a large amount of cancellation takes place. PEMF interact, but not as noticeably as with static magnetic fields. PEMFs fields when added to the like fields can amplify their effects, especially with respect to resonant frequencies. They may also interfere with each other or terminate each other and the best correlation for this is shown in the wave interaction in a pond, rocks either amplify or cancel each other’s wave, when rocks are thrown into water in different locations. The intensities of the PEMFs interact, along with the frequencies, when they push each other as in case of wave analogy.

Actions of Static Magnet

The manners in which the magnetic fields are able to bring about biological effects are still unknown. A concept called the Hall effect states that, when a magnetic field is applied perpendicular to a flowing charge, it causes a variation of some or all of the charges in a third vector. Static magnets do not move, but the tissues through which transport do not block or absorb them, but they have either currents flowing or other activity. These molecular motions and static currents interrelate with the static magnetic field in different ways to encourage the healing process in the tissues. In the book “The Body Electric” authored by Dr. Robert Becker, demonstration of induction of anesthesia in the salamanders has been done with the aid of static magnetic fields. He observed that the electrical activity of the brain was significantly reduced according to the Hall Effect. This proves that it is possible to reduce pain using static magnets, according to the Hall Effect principle.

The static magnetic fields as well cause the variation in the acupuncture meridians like the Hall Effect. He also pointed in his studies that the acupuncture meridians bore resemblance to the DC current system. Hence the magnetic laws could be applied to them as well.