HORIZON & BEYOND is a Luxury Lifestyle & Travel Magazine featuring outstanding luxury resorts, 5-star hotels, islands owned by celebrities, cruises for exotic vacations, outstanding gourmet restaurants and their celebrity chefs, bespoke luxury events, and innovative VVIP services.

In the magazine’s beginnings in 2014, a carefully chosen selection of luxury destinations all around the world was made available to our readers to discover great lifestyle experiences and secret hideaways. A printed version of the magazine is no longer available since the world entered the digital age, but we continue to bring a whole variety of luxury resorts, lifestyle, wellness, beauty, and spa related articles and some of the latest trends in this changing world.

Our mission is to inspire the reader and sow the seeds for a shift in their mindset. No longer is this world what it has been before 2020, the ‘Knowledge Industry’, social media, webinars, and self-education courses in all sectors have taken over. We want to encourage our readers to get an insight into this new fast-growing industry and pick the information that can help them grow, spiritually, and emotionally too.

For that reason, as a new feature, we keep on adding topics related to entrepreneurs with successful businesses through a different lifestyle and mindset. Read about them in our Trending page.

Our editor, Karine Lackner, and her daughter Joy have created a selection of trendy products for ladies and young girls under the name ” The Joy & Karine Store ” which you can find when you click on the top of the home page on the right.

This fun way to shop was made available for our female audience who likes to purchase items ahead of their well-planned vacation or leisure time for an affordable cost and from the comfort of their home.

Current lifestyle and travel trends show that guests are more and more opting for resorts offering holistic treatments, and relaxation for mind and body. Finding themselves again through healthy food, yoga, and meditation became an important factor in life. ” The Joy & Karine Store ” offers yoga mats, cute water bottles, and other items useful for yoga lessons and exercise.

Nowadays many are looking to take time out in destinations which offer as well authentic local experiences with a true sense of place.

The world has shifted in a new direction as so have we!