Following the success of Aman Skincare, today marks the arrival of a new brand, SVA which offers a range of holistic formulas and supplements developed to aid in maintaining optimum health in a modern and frenetic world.

Both natural and sustainable, SVA formulas (which are a combination of granules, capsules and tonics) can help to support immunity, digestion, circulation and to sustain a healthy mind, responding directly to those seeking Aman’s on-property equilibrium in everyday life.

By combining teachings from traditional herbal treatments with scientific knowledge, western medicine and years of research at Aman’s resorts and spas, SVA brings to market a range of supplements blended with care to help maintain health from the inside out.
Aman believes that by listening closely to the needs of our body and mind, we can achieve wellness from within. Through self awareness and understanding, we can live a better, more balanced life.
Cherished for their healing and protective qualities, Essentials is a collection of Aman Skincare’s most coveted treatments – enriching natural remedies and wellbeing enhancers for face, body and bath.

Six classic formulas and one specialist formula developed by master practitioner Dr Ning Ma (NYC), inspired by the fundamentals of ancient Chinese remedies. A practice which has been used for thousands of years, which views the body and mind as an integrated whole. This range focuses on the five elemental organs and helps support a healthy, modern lifestyle with high quality natural ingredients.

The formulas can be taken as reactive or proactive supplements, to help maintain health. Approaching the body as a holistic system with powerful natural capabilities. Which requires a level of care in order to flourish.


SVA supplements SVA supplements