Banyan Tree Relaunches Signature Body and Aromatherapy Products

Banyan Tree Relaunches Signature Body and Aromatherapy Products

New and improved collections available online from November 2017

Award-winning hospitality group Banyan Tree introduces its newly reformulated line of natural, responsibly-sourced bath, body and home products. The two-year review and reformulation of the product line extended throughout the value chain, and was undertaken with the objective of creating the best possible products and packaging for people and the environment. Each step of the reformulation journey was meticulously managed to ensure that almost all Banyan Tree products are composed of 95% natural ingredients, and sustainably sourced.

Preorders of the revamped products are available from 30 October via


Banyan Tree wellness products add a sense of luxury to everyday life, creating an oasis of rest and rejuvenation at home. New home and travel aromatherapy offerings include aromatherapy balms, roll-on perfumes and soy candles, each made with 100% pure essential oils.The newly reformulated products will be used in all Banyan Tree hotels and spas worldwide by end 2018.

A Natural Sensibility Rooted in Asia
Inspired by Banyan Tree Spa’s treatments drawn from time-honoured Asian wisdom and remedies, Banyan Tree’s philosophy is rooted in the reinvigorating power of aromatherapy. Ingredients such as Honey, Lotus and Jasmine Rice are included in traditional wisdom and beauty practices across Asia, and Banyan Tree has enhanced those ingredients’ active benefits by combining them with other complementary, results-driven formulations. This marriage of heritage with modern technology ensures consumers bring home nature’s best botanical blends.

Their commitment to a natural sensibility is evident in the brand’s efforts to craft a comprehensive range of quality products – from body lotions and shower gels to bath crystals and body butters – that have been formulated to be completely free of harmful chemicals, including sulfates such as sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS), sodium lauryl ether sulfates (SLES) and the commonly used ammonium laureth sulfate (ALS). Colouring agents and unnecessary fragrances have also been removed and replaced with mainly plant-derived alternatives to reduce chemical risk in bodies and make the products suitable for those with sensitive skin.

The rigorous benchmark is to have at least 95% of every product’s composition be from natural or naturally derived ingredients – many of which are meticulously sourced herbs and spices from nature’s own apothecary – achieved by working with trusted laboratory partners, through 18 months of careful research and rigorous testing, and by calling on over 20 years of valuable experience. Efforts continue to increase the amount of organic origin items that are ECOCERT-certified as well as ensure that even the base quality of each formulation is premium. Ingredients featured include coconut oil and lemongrass from Thailand, olive oil from Italy, lavender from France and argan oil from Africa.  

Retailing with a Difference
In addition to being almost wholly natural, the extensive assortment of Banyan Tree’s body care and aromatherapy products are both responsibly sourced and cruelty free. Blends are never tested on animals. Whenever possible, the botanical elements used are ECOCERT-certified and conscientiously sourced, supporting local communities and upholding sustainable economies in the process. Products are FDA and IFA certified.

The Beauty of Sustainable Packaging
Banyan Tree products also boast a brand new, refined design aesthetic inspired by the graceful curve of the Banyan Tree logo, and environmentally-friendly packaging in a luscious shade of deep green evocative of banyan tree leaves and the untouched beauty of nature. The bottles are embossed with roots of the first banyan tree discovered at the group’s flagship hotel, Banyan Tree Phuket. The bottles are made from PET recyclable plastic and printed in environmentally-friendly inks.

A concerted effort has been made to minimise any unnecessary packaging. All gift packaging has been replaced with sustainable materials – fabric wraps and tote bags made from recycled plastic bottles; gift boxes handmade from mulberry paper. Banyan Tree strives to ensure that every product created has a net positive impact throughout its life cycle.

The Gift of Wellness
Banyan Tree products – such as the ever-popular Thai Chamanard and Night Queen blossom collections – also make wonderful gifts. Giving the gift of Banyan Tree transforms the idea of a home spa from aspirational to accessible, and infuses every personal retreat with the romance of travel to revitalise mind, body, and soul. Each in-store purchase can be beautifully and sustainably wrapped, furoshiki-syle, in a silky-smooth fabric woven from recycled plastic bottles that can be repurposed as a scarf. This option is also available an as add-on to purchases made online.

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