Dubai Safari welcomes 175 new arrivals

Since its establishment, the world-class wildlife park has become a safe and friendly home for new-borns representing 30 species

A world-classwildlife park spread over 119 hectares, Dubai Safari is home to the most diverse array of animals in the UAE withover 2,500 animals representing more than 250 species from around the world. The family-friendly experience celebrates wildlife diversity while invitingvisitors of all ages and nationalities to enrich their understanding of a wide variety of animal species native to the Middle East, Africa and Asia, through interactive activities and encounters that inspire a sense of discovery andwonder about the animal kingdom. An immersive living classroom for young minds, Dubai Safari provides visitors with an engaging learning environment while raising awareness on wildlife conservation through best practices and research and development. Visitors can purchase tickets through the official Dubai Safari App, available on the App Store and Google Play Store, online via the official website, or in person at the box office.

White Lion
Bighorn sheep

The world-class wildlife park has welcomed new arrivals such as a vervet monkey, 22 blackbuck antelopes, three Arabian wolves, 12 corn snakes, two Nile crocodiles, five Egyptian fruit bats, six wood ducks, 24 African spurred tortoises and three African white lions, amongst others.

With the addition of the 175 new-borns the Dubai Safari family is growing in terms of both the number and diversity of the species. The list of the new arrivals highlights the sheervariety visitors can look forward to at Dubai Safari, including rare animals such as the African white lions, which further strengthens our commitment to conservation efforts for endangered species.

The family-friendly destination has proved a highly popular attraction since opening in December 2017.

Dubai Safari is located close to Dragon Mart in the city’s Al Warqaa 5 district and is open from 9 pm – 7 pm daily.