A holiday should take you on a journey to a different location not just in the physical world but in your imagination and your soul too. It should replenish your energies and allow you to rediscover yourself. And, perhaps most vitally, it should offer that all-important element of escape; the feeling that you are set free from the hurly burly, the clatter and clutter of mainstream existence, into the realm of your personal, unfettered desires; A place where you define what luxury means to you and luxury returns the favour, by defining you.

As the first ever boutique hotel to open in Greece with a 25-year legacy of five-star hospitality and the abundant experience that goes with it, Kivotos Mykonos is just such a place. From the moment you walk through its doors and are greeted by its warm and friendly people, always on hand to cater to your every whim, you know you are in exactly the right hands.
Faithful to its name- which is ‘Ark’ in Englisha haven of tranquillity and mystique awaits in a beautiful setting, embraced by the glistening emerald waters of Ornos Bay and the brilliant, invigorating light in which the entire island is perpetually bathed.


Kivotos Mykonos
Kivotos Mykonos


In complete harmony with nature’s handiwork and the classic Cycladic design, the hotel’s 40 suites and villas range in picturesque fashion down the rocky hillside towards their own private beach, providing an aesthetic environment, more of a ‘home’ than a ‘hotel’, where you can truly take your time to reflect on what is most important to you; to bring a richness and vitality back into your life and reveal layers of your personality previously hidden even from yourself. Here every effort has been made to retain, reflect and magnify the nature, character and lustrous beauty of authentic Mykonos, a world away from all the glitz and razzmatazz. Local craftsmen have fashioned the buildings and their surrounds, using local materials and time-honoured techniques, into something that merges the purity of traditional island architecture with a distinctly modern touch and elegant minimalism.
As the perfect complement to the stunning views of the Aegean coastline, exquisite paintings and sculptures, created by artists who have fallen under the island’s spell, and the owners’ personal collection of antiques and objets d’art from all over the world impart a distinctive character to each of the lovingly appointed suites and villas and adorn almost every corner and common space, both inside and out. The concept came to the owner, Spyros Micholopoulos, in a moment of epiphany back in the early 1990s when a French antique mirror was placed in such a way that it seemed to him to radiate the full majesty and ineffable ambience of the Greek island experience; an image so mesmerizing that it left an indelible mark on him.
Ever since, the owner and, lately, his two sons, Philip and Jason, have continued to cherish and enhance that very first vision, creating a luxury
5-star boutique hotel with a world-class sheen and the feather touch of refinement dedicated to your express needs and desires.
Kivotos Mykonos
Stretch out on your own private beach, secluded from the more overcrowded shores and bustling tourist traps, or on the hotel’s private yacht, the Prince de Neufchatel- a faithful 82-foot replica of an 1812 schooner with every modern convenience and an incomparable air of sophistication.
Your glass has been refilled without you even noticing; a reminder of the impeccable, fully personalized service which you have come to take for
granted as mind and body melt into those special moments. Now turn your attention to the full range of facilities at your disposal: the private infinity pools; the SPA with its cornucopia of treatments; the gleaming, spacious fitness centre; the exceptional gourmet experience of La Meduse and its laid-back, poolside cousin, Le Pirate, constituting two of the finest restaurants you could imagine; the cocktail kingdom of the super-cool swim-up Del Mar Bar; not to mention Noah’s Villa, the exclusive waterfront residence that boasts spell-binding architecture and interior decoration.
Top all this off with the NERO NERO experience; your table is laid for two just at the point where the gentle waves caress the private beach, edge and the meal served is especially prepared by award-winning chefs. As soft music and candlelight accompany a radiant sunset over the Aegean, you’ll reach your very own epiphany. If you held up a mirror to your own luxury holiday dream world, you couldn’t get a better reflection than Kivotos Mykonos.