Feel Happiness at Al Maha’s Timeless Spa

Al Maha Desert Resort

Away from the buzz of the busy city life, Al Maha Desert Resort is located in a serene sanctuary and golden desert landscape of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. A short 50-minute drive from Dubai, the Bedouin-style resort is a haven of luxury and tranquillity that instantly transports you into a state of blissful quiescence.

Drawing from the wisdom of age-old wellness traditions of the Middle East and South East Asia, the resort’s Timeless Spa offers a wide range of wellness, rejuvenation and beauty therapies. Staying true to Dubai’s cosmopolitan natures, Timeless Spa treatments are a fusion of healing practices from cultures around the world, within the most serene spa settings.

Celebrating the month of ‘Happiness’, Timeless Spa introduces a new treatment incorporating a treat for all the senses with a blend of organic infusions, leaving you entirely rejuvenated. Expertly curated,the perfect fusion of essential oils is the hero of the treatment. Surrounded with a complex blend of the purest possible essential oils including white neroli, mimosa and lemon, this treatment begins with a guided meditation, reflexology, breathing exercises, all designed to lift your mood.

Your skin will be lightly polished using Neom Body Scrub, with invigorating oils of wild mint and mandarin followed by techniques of Shiatsu, Cranio and Thai massage to decrease stress levels and release endorphins.

The Happiness treatment at Al Maha Desert Resort’s Timesless Spa offers the finest combination of organic oils, which adds relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing. White Neroli is used to uplift and invoke feelings of happiness, while Mimosa is long celebrated for bringing joy and banishing negative thoughts. Lemon is ideal to refresh the mind, Peppermint & Spearmint is known for its power to relieve fatigue, and Mandarin is the quintessential ‘happy oil’.

Timeless Spa also offers other enchanting treatments to revitalize your senses so you can return to your worldly affairs with a fresh appeal.

For booking and reservations call +971 4 832 9900 or visit http://www.al-maha.com/.

Al Maha Desert Resort
Al Maha Desert Resort