OPA – An Upscale-Casual Greek Concept Set to Open in Dubai

OPA - An Upscale-Casual Greek Concept Set to Open in Dubai


The story of Opa began a while ago on a small island in Greece in a quaint, charming kitchen, where a gentleman named Kyriakos spent years perfecting his favourite Greek dishes, sharing the rich and delicious flavors with his friends and family. When his son Christos relocated to Dubai, Kyriakos eagerly came to visit. As he explored the vibrant city, he felt that Greek food was not so easy to find. It was then, that Kyriakos decided that he needed to share the rich history and flavorsome cuisine with the UAE community.


With his appetite for tender meats and zesty salads, the Zorba dance and smashing plates, Kyriakos excitedly began to build his traditional restaurant in Dubai. Before long, with all the ingredients of Greek cuisine, culture and passion, Opa was born.Offering an authentic Greek experience, Opa will soon open its doors at The Fairmont Hotel in Dubai. Featuring an affordable menu specializing in Greek cuisine coupled with charming interiors and friendly ambiance, Opa promises a multi-sensory traditional Greek experience, from the Zorba dance to smashing dishes, to Greek inspired music and various entertainment.


Originating from the Greek word frequently used during wedding celebrations and traditional dancing, “Opa” is the expression that accompanies purposeful or accidental plate smashing. Boasting an extensive selection of Greek flavours and spices, the carefully curated menu includes tender grilled meats, zesty salads, fresh fish dishes and sweet pastries inspired by the Grecian islands, alongside a few alternative dishes paired with hops and grapes.


Using the highest level of quality ingredients, fresh products and outstanding hospitality, Opa will redefine the Greek concept in an upscale interactive setting, while presenting a taste of its diverse heritage to the UAE.