How a mother and daughter created a business they love

The Success Story of  THE JOY & KARINE STORE

Black bodysuit with laces











High heel snake leather shoes









White body suit with stress straps











A mother, ex-model, and editor of a lifestyle magazine who loves fashion, yoga & traveling and her daughter, an adorable young girl passionate about design, animals, architecture, and surfing decided to use the lockdown during Covid-19 to create something they truly love.

While living on the tropical island of Boracay in the Philippines during these unprecedented times, with no possibility to leave, their spirit and passion came to new heights.

The love for fashion, beachwear, shoes, and bags, in short anything a girl likes, gave them the direction.

Highwaist neon green bathing suit










Rainbow color handbag










Shopify enabled them to find the right platform for this new business, a series of inspirational videos helped with the creation of the site, and endless days and nights were dedicated searching for the right items to propose to the potential customers.

Positive energy can be very powerful, the way to handle business and the relationship with your family impacts the world around you. Choosing positivity in daily life, especially during Covid-19, and way beyond creates the positive energy that floats throughout the Universe and helps through troublesome times.

A mother and a daughter that are business partners and best friends is a combination that no one can beat!

As a start, items can only be ordered by customers in the US and shipping is free!


White Beach Caftan