sees new millennial #TravelBrag trend arrive in the UAE

Whether it’s the deluxe suite or the hip hotel, the #TravelBrag has become an essential part of any trip


  • To selfie or not to selfie…that is never the question: more than one in ten travelers admit the first thing they do when they arrive at a hotel is take a selfie to #TravelBrag on social media
  • A nation of braggadocios: The average traveler spends 95 minutes a day on social media on holiday with Facebook (79%) and Instagram (63%) being the social channels of choice for #TravelBragging to friends at home
  • A deluxe room with an Instagrammable view please: 28% of people chose a hotel based on the social media posts they can take to #TravelBrag

New research from™ Mobile Travel Tracker*, has discovered a new millennial trend, taking place in the UAE, of ‘travel bragging’ on social media to build kudos amongst their friends, and even faux friends on social. Trading in their #TravelBrag for ‘likes’, 44% admit they spend over four hours a day on their mobiles whilst traveling, often more glued to the small screen than the beach scene.

When it comes to what social savvy travelers are bragging about on their trips, food snaps (65%) is up there. Travel braggers show off their food to those stuck at home with their sad salad, posting weird and wonderful dishes from across the globe. Fried spider anyone?

Being a generation of filter-loving, selfie-stick addicts, a majority (70%) of 18-29-year-olds admit they would rather upload a selfie than a picture with their loved ones (58%) on holiday #savage. Not only that, but more men (76%) than women (55%) have admitted to their love of a selfie. There are also still some culture vultures out there who would rather share a cityscape (49%) than their favorite fashion (26%).

The new research has also proven the long-debated theory that romance really is dead, with 20% admitting they would rather travel with their smartphone than their partner. Travelers even get more anxious when their phone runs out of battery (19%) than if they argue with their partner on a trip (5%) #FOMMO (fear of missing my mobile).

The research, commissioned by identifies new trends in how mobile technology is used during travel, as it launches its second annual Mobile Travel Tracker Report.

“At we know that 51% of people wouldn’t enjoy their holiday without their smartphone in their hand – how could they possibly capture the best selfie or show off to their friends at home without it! Not only that, we also know that getting the perfect picture plays an even bigger role with 17% of travelers admitting they would pose anywhere for that flawless selfie, often putting selfies ahead of safety”, said Daniel Craig, VP of Mobile at brand.

With a 50% of travelers refusing to book a hotel that doesn’t offer free Wi-Fi, there is a clear demand for travelers to be connected at all times.