“Let’s Fall in Diamonds”

A collaboration of legendary heritage and the best of contemporary design at the Casino de Monte-Carlo

For its first temporary installation at Casino de Monte-Carlo from 14 October 2017 to the end of December 2017, Charles Kaisin has designed a setting focused on red and white diamonds, a strong symbol which makes reference to the coats of arms of the royal family, as well as to the universe of card games. The principle: a “camouflage” installation where the whole Atrium and the Rotunda of Casino de Monte-Carlo will be decorated with the pattern. 1,400 m2 of diamond-patterned fabric will cover up the Art Déco decoration of this legendary venue: floor, walls, furniture, large and small objects, etc.

The 5 senses stimulated and in awe

“Today, true luxury is being the fi rst to experience something. Joy, excitement and fear are just some of the feelings and emotions which burst forth in just a few seconds upon seeing a totally surprising area, upon contact with incrediblydetailed materials, upon hearing new music, discovering unusual tastes, etc. This is the type of experience I wanted to recreate with “Let’s Fall in Diamonds”, explains Charles Kaisin.

As soon as the guests arrive, they will be invited into a dreamlike visual universe where the space seems to go on indefi nitely. A fragrance created for the event will be gently diff used, leaving its imprint in the visitor’s memory, just like the soundtrack created to accompany the space by one of the world’s most well-renowned Belgian DJs. The visitors can continue their journey as they wish: by strolling through the Atrium into the bedroom and bathroom spaces,relaxing on one of the sofas, armchairs or poufs in the living room, or sitting at one of the two tables for 12 guests in the dining room.


Guests can end the day in Bar de la Rotonde, sipping a red and white Diamonds mocktail or tasting a sweet diamond-shaped treat.