Jiva at Taj Dubai

Crowned as the only Indian spa brand in the world with unique Indian signature spa therapies and spa experiences, Jiva at Taj Dubai has long been on our list of places to try due to their ethos that draws on the rich and ancient wellness heritage of India and the healing therapies that embrace Indian spirituality.

A trip to Jiva never looked so tempting and with a quick call and drive later, I arrived to the business bay location, ready to experience the signature Taghthia Amiqua, a 120 minute scrub, wrap and massage.








Tucked away on the 3rd floor of the hotel, the spa might be small but it definitely packs a punch – the combination of the smells, home-brewed tea and the calming music instantly zones out the unnecessary noise and sets the scene for a serene few hours. Unlike other spas in Dubai, the interiors are minimalist, with hues of orange-tinged wood, South Asian murals and low lighting adding to the cosy and comforting ambience. The changing facilities are definitely on the small side however the six treatment rooms are all equipped with bathrooms, footbaths and the latest amenities. The spa is also equipped with a relaxation pool and lounge, plus a fully-equipped gym.

Within 10 minutes of arriving, it was time for the Taghthia Amiqua treatment to begin. Starting with an aromatic footbath, the experience starts with a full body scrub using a natural blend of date, almond, saffron, cactus gel and almond oil which helps moisturize and tighten the skin. Whilst the scrub is working its magic, the therapist offers a heavenly scalp massage, which obviously led to a delightful doze for me. After a 30min scrub and head massage, it was then time to shower and wash with camel milk which assists in washing away the traces of the wrap. From there, the hour long massage beginnings (which was utter bliss I might add) – the experience is then completed with your body being smoked with Loban (frankincense) leaving you languid and thoroughly pampered from head to toe.

My therapist was fab and clearly well trained – the treatment was not only relaxing but definitely beneficial to both my mind and body. The room was cosy, the music a perfect volume and the sheets soft – an afternoon very well spent in my eyes!

Jiva also have their own products and all treatments are offered using unique products made from pure Indian herbs, Indian aromatherapy oils, natural creams and special ingredients. All the Ayurveda and aromatherapy oils are exclusively hand-blended for Jiva Spas, and each oil has distinct attributes. The 100% natural range of Jiva Beauty products are made with a deep understanding of the therapeutic benefits of Indian herbs, essential oils, and pharmacopoeia.