Lakrids Unveils World’s Largest Liquorice Library At Dubai Mall

Lakrids Launches First Boutique at The Dubai Mall

The world’s largest chocolate coated liquorice library is now open

Lakrids Unveils World's Largest Liquorice Library At Dubai Mall
Bringing a unique combination of Belgian chocolate and Danish liquorice, Lakrids by Johan Bülow has unveiled its first flagship boutique at The Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall in the UAE. Aiming to introduce the region to the succulent world of liquorice, this luxury hand-crafted liquorice brand uses only premium raw materials with no additives and is completely gluten-free.
While the brand already enjoys several pop-up spaces across Dubai and over 25 shops across Europe, this is the first stand-alone Lakrids boutique outside of Europe, whose interiors have been specifically designed to cater to the international audience. Located in the Fashion Avenue at the lower ground level, the interiors showcase the story of Founder, Johan Bulow and his deep-rooted passion for liquorice.
The cosy and inviting walls are built from natural stones found in Palermo, Italy to make the guests feel at home, and combined with the warm and dim lighting lend the space a very welcoming and elegant touch.
Lakrids Unveils World's Largest Liquorice Library At Dubai Mall
The highlight of this boutique remains the liquorice library (which also happens to be the world’s largest liquorice library) where you can learn more about the story behind the brand and its various flavours, while experiencing a taste of its delectableness. This storytelling station will also educate patrons on how the liquorice roots are harvested and the origin of the cocoa bean, as well as the production and maintenance process behind each of the delicious flavours to how they are paired and coated with a complimentary chocolate taste.
Lakrids Unveils World's Largest Liquorice Library At Dubai Mall
There is also a private lounge section for customers to sit back and discover the world of Lakrids and see the different gifting options available for special occasions, as well as a very instagrammable corner with a Heart made out of Lakrids very own jars.
With a mission to make the world fall in love with liquorice, this one-of-a-kind boutique has all the mouth-watering flavours one can’t resist some of which include Salty Caramel, Rose, Mint Dark Chocolate, Raspberry Chocolate, Blueberry Chocolate, Dark and Sea Salt, Passion Fruit, and Coffee.
This confectionary brand has also unveiled an exclusive UAE collection for the region, which adheres to the metallic tones inspired by Dubai’s architecture and the iconic Burj Khalifa colours at sunset including Silver, Bronze, a fiery Gold and a beautiful Rose.
Lakrids promises to make their unique and varied flavours of chocolate covered liquorice the latest acquired taste across the region.
Location: The Dubai Mall, Lower Ground