What is Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency Therapy (PEMF)?

PEMF is a therapeutic technology/device which is a fast and easy to use system for pain management and the recovery from sports injuries, lower back pain, muscle aches and pains, headaches, nervous tension and stress, improved immune system high blood pressure and degenerative conditions related to aging.

What does PEMF therapy do?

The PEMF therapeutic device delivers a series of pulsating magnetic frequencies into the client, which creates a penetrating energy that will dynamically interact with cellular metabolism in order to produce a wide range of healing benefits. Those healing benefits to the body are increased ATP production, normalization of cellular membrane potentials, increased oxygenation of tissues and improved removal of toxins from the cells.

What is a PEMF session like?

A PEMF session will essentially feel relaxing. All you do is lie on a the TimmyZzz pillow which has a PEMF system in it. No action or physical activity is required.

Most people simply go to a restful, meditative state or fall asleep. Afterwards they arise from the therapeutic experience feeling rested, peaceful and energized…minus some aches and pains.

What should I experience during a PEMF session?

Since everyone is unique and has different physical problems or conditions, each will experience something different.  There are numerous types of therapeutic and intensity settings on the device, allowing the individual to increase or decrease the effects. Thus a person can experience many different sensations.

Frequently, people will state that they feel a tingling in an area of an old injury, while others say they feel a sense of wellness and relaxation. Check it out for yourself and see what you experience.

Who can use PEMF therapy and are there any contraindications to using PEMF therapy?

Everyone can use PEMF therapy from the very young to the elderly, from sedentary individuals to those that exercise daily. Essentially, anyone at any age group, any level of wellness or fitness can use this technology. All can and will benefit from PEMF treatments while experiencing no negative side effects.

There are only a few contraindications for PEMF therapy. Specifically, there are 3 contraindications for using this technology, individuals with 1) pacemakers 2) pregnancy 3) epileptics.

How often can I use PEMF therapy?

PEMF treatment is a safe, easy to use and effective treatment with no negative side effects. Using PEMF according to suggested schedule just 30 minutes, two times per day offers long lasting, significant relief not only throughout the day but throughout the weeks and months, as it mobilizes the body’s healing resources.

What are the general health benefits of PEMF therapy?

The following is a list of the general health benefits from using PEMF therapy:

  • Improved re-generations speeds recovery from physical exertion, strenuous activities and workouts, etc.;
  • Balances the body’s acupuncture meridians in just a few minutes;
  • Strengthens the immune system – gentle magnetic intensity does not over-stimulate the body;
  • Improved wound healing – post-operative wound healing, better scar healing, from  injuries, etc;
  • Positive effects on pain reduction resulting from various causes – arthritis, back pain, bursitis, muscle stress, etc;
  • Normalizes action of the cellular electrical voltage potentials for healthier  metabolism.

The following is a long list of health benefits from using PEMF therapy organized in specific body systems:


  1. Strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  2. Improves blood circulation and micro-circulation – reduces blood platelet adhesion (stickiness).
  3. Positive influence on secondary disorders, such as migraine, tinnitus.
  4. Prevents Thrombosis (blood clots) – patients using blood thinners must consult with physician before using PEMF therapy.
  5. Regulates high and low blood pressure – stimulates natural release of Nitric Oxide to relax and expand blood vessels.
  6. Improves blood vessels: improves the cholesterol level, increases the oxygen partial pressure.


  1. Increases oxygen uptake and reduces respiratory problems and asthma attacks.


  1. Enhances the healing of muscle injuries from strains, sprains, tendonitis, bursitis;
  2. Osteoporosis – measurable increases in bone density (20 to 30 percent) after only six months of daily use;
  3. Arthritis – reduces pain and inflammation, improves circulation and oxygenation.


  1. Enhances the healing of muscle injuries from strains, sprains, tendonitis, bursitis;
  2. Positive effects on Fibromyalgia – not a cure but relieves symptoms with continued use;
  3. Speeds post – operative healing of tissues, scars, etc.


  1. Improves metabolism functions;
  2. Stimulates ATP production to provide more energy for the cells;
  3. Moves waste products and toxins out of the cells;
  4. Provides positive effects in: elderly diabetic, rheumatic disorders, allergies, menopausal complaints.


  1. Reduces stress;
  2. Positive effects in: Nervousness, Burnout syndrome, Sleeping disorders.


Science Behind TimmyZzz

TimmyZzz PEMF tunes up the mitochondria for improved performance and accelerated recovery, while it tunes down the brain for better sleep.

It’s called “entrainment” and evidently the mitochondria can be entrained as easily as the brain.

More efficient O2 metabolism lowers oxidative stress and promotes cells resiliency to other metabolic stressors like WiFi and other types of RF (radio frequency). Oxidative free radicals are formed when O2 reaching the cell is not burned adequately (by the mitochondria). Lab geeks call it “Oxygen Leakage”. The worse the leakage, the higher the oxidative stress.

Oxygen metabolism is body’s most important process. Impaired cell respiration and subsequently reduced blood & tissue oxygen & higher oxidative stress, subsequently results in inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of many if not most disease states, particularly cancer.

Improves Sleep & Recovery 

TimmyZzz’s frequencies which entrain brain wave rhythm, stimulate cells in a window of frequencies that cause mitochondria to produce more energy with less oxidative wast

Excess energy is sequestered for accelerated nighttime repair processes, enhanced immune function, improved strength and stamina, better memory consolidation, vastly improved daytime energy & vitality. Better sleep and increased cell energy results in a body that heals itself faster and ages slower.

After all, it’s during sleep that we experience a significant amount of repair, recovery, immune system enhancement, cognition, learning and memory capability, gene regulation, appetite regulation, hormone production and cellular turnover.

Electroencephalograph measurements (EEG) have shown that small, low strength magnetic fields can cause brain wave frequencies to resonate with the frequencies of the magnetic field, and can cause other responses in the brain including:

Vascular Dilation of Brain Blood Vessels, Enhanced Melatonin Release, Electrical stimulation of the Hypothalamus for Sleep Facilitation, Reestablishment of Circadian Rhythms (useful for jet lag), Vastly Improved Sleep, Healthier Endocrine System, Accelerated Recovery, Increased Flexibility (especially in the morning upon waking), Enhanced Mood, Improved Mental Focus & Executive Performance, Balance Improvement, Enhanced Mobility, Avoids Production of Lactic Acid, Lower Levels of Oxidative Stress, Slows Natural Aging Process

Four Categories of Brain Wave Patterns

Beta (14-30Hz)

Concentration, arousal, alertness, cognition. Higher levels associated with anxiety, disease, feelings of separation, fight or flight.

Alpha (8-13.9Hz)

Relaxation, super learning, relaxed focus, light trance, increased serotonin production. Pre-sleep, pre-waking drowsiness, mediation, beginning of acres to unconscious mind.

Theta (4-7.9Hz)

Dreaming sleep (REM sleep)

Increased production of catecholamines (vital for learning and memory), increased creativity. Integrative emotional experiences, potential change in behavior, increased retention of learned material. Hypnagogic imagery, trance, deep meditation, access to unconscious mind

Delta (.1-3.9Hz)

Dreamless sleep

Human growth hormone released. Deep trance-like non-physical state, loss of body awareness. Access to unconscious and “collective unconscious” mind, greatest “push” to brain when induced with Holosync.

More info : http://www.sedonawellness.com