Regain Your Rhythm with Ayurveda at Atlantis by Giardino

It’s close to the end of the year and children have gone back to school, and the pace of summer slows a bit, it’s time to unwind with a relaxing vacation in Switzerland. The Ayurveda packages offered at Atlantis by Giardino, Zurich are ideal for travellers looking for a holistic experience to rejuvenate their mind, body and senses.


Ayurveda by Giardino, the hotel’s therapeutic and non-medical health programme, focuses on providing guests with total well-being, that can be achieved through nutrition that is appropriate for the individual’s body type, physical activity and mindful relaxation. The specialist team has developed diverse programmes of different cures to address various problems such as excessive stress, an unhealthy lifestyle and age-related conditions. Some of the programmes are:
Ayurveda Basic
This is the foundation for all guests choosing an Ayurveda programme. The Ayurveda physician/specialist uses your medical history and pulse diagnosis to gain information about disharmonies and also determine your personal constitution (dosha). Based on this analysis, a customised plan is put together including nutrition, daily yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. Guests also receive access to the pool, sauna and fitness area. Starting at CHF 890 for three days (excluding room rate).

Ayurveda Restart
This package is ideal for those that want to de-stress and escape their busy schedules. The package includes the basic module, a shirodhara (pouring oil over the forehead) treatment, two abhyanga full-body massages, one sound massage and a synchronised massage. Participants will also be given a private lesson in meditation and pranayama. Starting at CHF 1,750 for six days, including Ayurvedic full board plus room price.

Ayurveda Detox
The Ayurvedic Detox programme is based on the principle that the body contains an acid-­base balance that can be disrupted by stress, an inappropriate diet and an unhealthy lifestyle. This cure is geared specifically at resolving this balance. The detox programme is suitable to treat skin problems, food intolerances, digestive disorders, a lack of energy and obesity.
This programme includes the basic module, three alkaline baths, two lepas body treatments, two abhyanga massages, two pinda sveda herbal compresses or udvartana herbal powder massages. The treatment is complete with a facial and three alkaline facial masks. Starting at CHF 1,990 for six days, including Ayurvedic full board plus room price. A 12-day option is also available.

Ayurveda for the Musculoskeletal System
Depending on the severity of the complaint, Ayurvedic measures can have a positive effect and help relieve joint problems. The Ayurveda for the musculoskeletal system programme is beneficial for conditions such as osteoarthritis and arthritis. It is also ideal for sports lovers. It includes the basic module, one kalari marma (deep-tissue) massage, one pinda sveda herbal compress massage, three kati basti (oil bath for the spine) and two pristabhyanga back massages along with a lepa herbal compress. Starting at CHF 1,590 for five days, including Ayurvedic full board plus room price.

Ayurveda Family
Organising work, school and free time in an optimal way can be demanding and stressful for both adults and children. The Ayurveda Family cure is intended to help the whole family achieve concentration, patience and balance in a long­-term approach. This programme includes the basic module, one abhyanga massage for adults, a sound massage and facial treatment for each family member, analysis of medical history for children and an oil massage for children along with access to the hotel’s Kids Club. Starting at CHF 990 per parent and CHF 760 per child up to 16 years, including Ayurvedic full board plus room price. The programme runs for five days.
For Ayurveda guests, meals will be served at the hotel’s Hide & Seek restaurant, where delectable Mediterranean dishes are prepared using fresh, locally-sourced herbs and spices. Atlantis by Giardino also offers Ayurveda cookery courses and workshops so that travellers can make these recipes at home.

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