SHISEIDO | Future Solution LX Serum & Foundation


Ever since ancient times, Japanese culture has been entranced by the mysterious power we find in all creation. In the land of the rising sun, this harmony with the universe is represented in legends.

A spiritual connection with the forces of nature is a vital part of the fabric that is the Japanese way of life.
It creates a sense of caring and respect for all living things, that is inherent in Japanese culture.
With each day that we choose to live this way, we begin to notice more of the beauty in nature, which in turn fulfills and enriches our lives.


Future Solution LX is based on the Japanese concept of life and its energetic beauty.
This exceptional line enhances the holistic experience with skincare that combines both luxury and high performance.
Thus, the skin’s natural beauty is revealed. Its innate capacity for regeneration is strengthened.


SHISEIDO | Future Solution LX Serum & Foundation
The first step in the Future Solution LX skincare routine, Intensive Firming Contour Serum helps create supple and firm contours
that reveal the most beautiful side of women showing a visible loss of skin resilience, and who feel that their complexion has become dull.
An expert treatment when used with other Future Solution LX products, this serum helps you achieve more beautiful skin.


AURA RADIANCE, the signature technology behind Shiseido’s secret to a perfect complexion, reveals new advances in terms of optics that perfect its radiance.
These micro-powders diffuse a halo of light across the entire face and also highlights your natural glow.
Bathed in pearlized particles, the micro-powders now absorb light spectrums that lead to a dull complexion, giving a fresher and more radiant appearance to your skin.


Future Solution LX make-up technology is paired with exceptional skincare properties.
Shiseido has selected three botanical ingredients that work in synergy at the heart of this powder.
Oshima Sakura leaf extract inhibits elastin deterioration, angelica root boosts ATP – cell energy – synthesis, while premium Uji green tea, a powerful antioxidant, protects cells from UV damage.
Finally, 4MSK, a signature Shiseido ingredient based on licorice root, supports melanin regulation.
Clear, even, bright, the skin radiates vitality.
SHISEIDO | Future Solution LX Serum & Foundation
SHISEIDO | Future Solution LX Serum & Foundation