Shiseido launches a brand new Eye Makeup Collection

Shiseido launches a brand new Eye Makeup Collection

Ever loyal to its Japanese heritage, Shiseido has devised a collection that revisits Japanese codes with astonishing modernity.Inspired by calligraphy, the Inkstroke Eyeliners pay tribute to this ancestral art with extremely precise tools that unleash artistic creativity.

 To enhance the eyes – “the windows to the soul” – the new Full-Lash Multi-Dimension Mascara has a brush with 30° rotation for fuller, denser lashes with the perfect curve. As always, the house strives to elevate beauty to the status of an art form.


Shiseido’s exciting, new Inkstroke Eyeliner series is inspired by the Japanese art of calligraphy.

Calligraphy inspires the appreciation of beauty, form, expression, harmony and skill, and owes its allure to the discipline and definition of the strokes. The Inkstroke Eyeliner pays tribute to the grace and artistry of this time-honored practice offering ultra-precise application, smooth texture, and deep color tones.


An eyeliner tool inspired by the traditional Japanese ink brush.
Inspired to make everyday eyeliner application savvier, smoother, more enjoyable, and more beautiful. Elevated to new heights of stability and point control.
Each one handcrafted by Japanese artisans in Kumano, where the world’s most storied Japanese ink brushes are produced. An eyeliner brush for the artist in you. Inspiring you to draw the perfect line,  every time.


Expand Your Lashes! Expand Your Beauty!

Your eyes are the window to your soul. Frame them brilliantly.
Shiseido’s new panoramic silhouette mascara cares for every single lash, bringing out their supreme length and curl, giving them multi-dimensional effect and unleashing their fullest potential