The Second Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Doha


I’ve been intrigued by the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, its concept and the opportunity it’s giving to rising and emerging fashion designers for a long time.

So when I received an invitation to attend the second season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Doha, I was ecstatic! The three-day event was to be held in Shangri-la Hotel. Unfortunately, I was only able to attend the first day because of my tight schedule.

The first day of the MBFWD was amazing; it left me filled with inspirations and dazzled eyes!

But before I tell you about the fashion show, you should watch this inspiring commercial from Etihad (MBFWD sponsor) starring Nicole Kidman that was featured multiple times during the show. It’s so poetic and luxurious that it seriously makes you want to travel! And that is what Horizon & Beyond is all about! Luxury travel.

I am sure you will find Nicole Kidman’s words as inspiring as I did.

“Occasionally people come along who are not content as to simply moving things along. They want to take things further.

“Tear up the plans and start again, then take another brave step. They will see the future and knock down the walls to reach it.

“Insist that the dream is possible.

“Overcome all indecision and take a running jump into the unchartered.

“Bored of the reinvention of the superficial kind. They want more!

“Because their goal isn’t to improve what was done before, but to totally re-imagine it.”

The event was organised by the Luxury Network Qatar, and they did a great job. I came early so I had to wait for at least 20 minutes before the show started and luckily I was sitting in the front row. By the time the fashion show started, the room was full and I saw many fashionista pupils of Doha.

This year’s presenter was Husna, a Doha blogger. You can check out her website here

The show began with Moroccan couture designer Meriam Belkhayat’s latest collection of kaftans. It was a great start!

The second one who took the stage was Neeta Lulla, an Indian costume designer and fashion stylist. I’ve always loved Indian fashion and her collection is a must-have if you are into lots of fabrics and amazing details!

The third designer was by Noor Al Mannai from Qatar and an emerging talent by Mcnair Chambers. Her collection is unforgettable, each outfit changeable. You could unzip a pocket and suddenly it is if it had never been there, or turn a jacket around into a different colour.

The fourth designer was Jana from Qatar. Her kaftans and long dresses were so elegantly detailed and the colours were indeed gentle to the eyes, which I loved.

The fifth designer was Hisaa Al Zain who is also from Qatar and an emerging talent by Mcnair Chambers. Her pieces are casual, fun, modern and elegant.

The sixth one is the famous Qatar Abaya fashion house Almotahajiba. They surely have one of the finest abayas you have ever seen.

The seventh was Frames Fashion. The pieces were colourful and unique and they even had beautiful little girls wearing their kids’ collection on the runway.

The last one was Kristina Fidelskaya from UAE, my extreme favourite! Very elegant and the details and colours and overall style were simply jaw-dropping. Her collection is definitely the kind I wish to have in my wardrobe!

Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week is a must-attend, so during the next season be sure to be there!