Travel with Purpose

North Island and Wilderness Safaris
North Island and Wilderness Safaris invite you to join us on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, to take part behind-the-scenes in a purposeful Seychelles White-eye conservation initiative and to learn how, over 21 years, an island can be restored effectively to its natural splendour.
Set to take place from 24 – 28 September 2018, 6 guests can actively participate in the Seychelles White-eye 2018 survey involving the ringing, catch and release of these rare endemic birds, with a unique opportunity to take part in translocating some of North Island’s population to other islands to further protect the species.
Learn how one of the rarest birds in the world was saved from extinction, whilst observing the various initiatives that make up the Island’s Noah’s Ark rehabilitation project. Along the way, meet some of the animals that call the Island home, from terrapins to charismatic Giant Aldabra Tortoises.
All funds raised from this itinerary are directly channelled into specific initiatives that form part of the greater Noah’s Ark Project, such as the Seychelles Magpie Robin introduction, Seychelles White-eye relocation, marine conservation and genetic diversity introductions. These in turn will support the broader Seychellois initiatives that are taking place.
Please click on the link below to learn more about the itinerary and don’t hesitate to contact me for more details.




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