Who is Commission Hero?

Have you heard of Robby Blanchard?

Robby is proudly calling himself the #1 Affiliate on ClickBank. You might have heard about ClickBank.

If not, ClickBank is a platform and global e-commerce retailer and affiliate marketing place founded in 1998 with more than 6 million clients worldwide. Affiliate marketers of ClickBank promote the products of the vendors to consumers and get most of the time high commission for it.

Robby Blanchard won ClickBank’s competition “who can do the most sales in a month” and became ClickBank’s highest-earning affiliate. The success story does not stop there, Robby went on to achieve 1 Million Dollars in sales for 2 more months after that.

It comes just as a surprise to some that Robby would want to share his secrets of success with others, but yes, with his ‘ Commission Hero ‘ course he teaches interested people step by step how to totally understand the business so you can run your own.

Establishing a Facebook account is easy, anyone can do it, but developing landing pages, getting the right ad pictures and videos, ad copy, and running the ideal Facebook ad in order to generate commissions through your affiliate link on ClickBank needs more skills.

Robby Blanchard offers this knowledge, as well as support and assistance in his Facebook group. These groups are a great source of information as one can learn an awful lot of details which are necessary on the way.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, it is true, that Robby offers through ‘ Commission Hero ‘ the complete system with training videos, images, and done-for-you landing pages.

If you have ever tried to set-up Facebook ads you might know that getting banned by Facebook is a common thing if you don’t know and follow their rules, and if you are new to affiliate marketing, then the best thing you might want to do is getting the best teacher.

In Robby’s free training, you can learn how to find the best and highest paying offers to make the most money. How to use your Facebook account for other people’s products on ClickBank, and how to encourage people to buy these offers.

Robby Blanchard has taught thousands of people from all over the world how to make $1000’s online and have financial freedom with this system. His clients’ success stories are proving this.

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